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Meet Sam Killermann

Speaker, Author, Doodler, Social Justice Comedian

Sam Killermann travels the country speaking at events and performing his social justice comedy show It's Pronounced Metrosexual at colleges & universities. He's the author of The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook: A Guide to Gender. You can get to know him via his work, watching his TEDx Talk about gender (below), or by reading his full bio.

Sam's Work

  • A Guide to Gender
  • It's Pronounced Metrosexual
  • Gamers Against Bigotry
  • Jack and/or Jill
  • The Safe Zone Project

Instead of offering a few prepackaged talks, Sam Killermann likes to work directly with folks to create a unique presentation perfectly suited to their goals. These are the themes on which Sam loves to talk, and a few examples of how they’ve been blended to create talks Sam’s given in the past (use the key to read about each of the examples).

Sam Talks Idea Map

Anatomy of a Talk

  • It's Pronounced Metrosexual
    Sam describes his flagship show as a show about "snap judgements, identity, and oppression." Thusly, it spans a lot of the themes he likes to talk about, but not all of them. This is the talk he's been giving since he started social justice comeding full time.
  • Sam Killermann Event, Loyola University
    He did a day of programming in Chicago hosted by LUC's Women's & Gender Studies department. He talked about gender, allyship, and culture, did a few readings from his book, and led a discussion about identity.
  • National Sex Ed Conference 2013 Keynote
    Sam Killermann was the opening keynote speaker, and gave a talk titled "Breaking Through The Binary: The Genderbread Person," where he discussed gender, sexuality, and identity, as well as the history behind the model and his hand in the field.
  • Teen Lobby Day 2014, Planned Parenthood GNW
    Sam keynoted Teen Lobby Day in Olympia, Washington, an conference for the Teen Council of Washington. He talked about the importance of advocacy, social justice, and standing up for what you believe.

“I was impressed by Killermann's performance on multiple levels. Not only does he have impeccible comedic timing, but now I'm convinced stand-up comedy is a viable sexual education technique.”

- The Horn

A Sam talk works a bit differently from what you might be used to.

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